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Our Process

Our Process

Understanding and Scoping - Reality Premedia

Understanding and scoping

Dedicated Team - Reality Premedia

Establish dedicated team

Development and Quality Assurance - Reality Premedia

Development and Quality Assurance

Delivery and Maintenance

Delivery and Maintenance

Be customer focused. Be process driven. Be delivery focused. We start with the most basic – listen to you, your stakeholders, your business needs, your end users expectations and your improvement area. We then get to documenting, designing, planning, development and delivering the correct solution. We work with and help you on the most critical aspect of all of this. Prioritizing!

  • Understanding and Scoping

  • Establish Dedicated Team

  • Development and QA

  • Delivery and maintenance



Like every other project, your project gets a dedicated team of specialists with required skills and domain knowledge. We establish SPOC (Single Point of Contact) for your project and share with you our escalation matrix. We establish reporting and set up a schedule. All of this helps both – you and us – streamline the development process and ensure consistent communication flow while we turn your vision into a reality.

We then get into development, which is what our team enjoys the most. Code is reviewed by peers and Tech Leads not only to meet the business needs but also to meet coding standards. This forms a strong base for our Quality Assurance and Testing. Our QA team ensures that solutions developed are bug free thus ensuring your business doesn’t slow down and helps you take appropriate decisions. Our team of testers will ensure your solution works within your production environment.

We transition our delivery from alpha to beta through to production and we keep to the timelines. We keep things flexible and you can choose at which stage(s) you would like to have visibility on progress. We engage with your team to ensure maximum knowledge transfer to help you gain most from the solution. And lastly, we remain available for ongoing maintenance. Your business needs can change as fast as technology changes and your software may need new features and updating over time. Since we have gained substantial knowledge about your business needs we provide support and maintain the solution, helping you retain your competitive edge in your marketplace.