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Augmented Mixed and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) are immersive technologies that allow app users to visualize content in a personalized context. Extremely useful in areas like retail, manufacturing, training, maintenance, these technologies are helping organisations across the world in many ways.

Making an online purchase can be made so much simpler with a virtual try on. Or imagine explaining concepts in an immersive and engaging environment. Or showcasing product features in a way that is both interactive and simple to use.

At Reality, we have been able to keep pace with and understand these technologies and their applications. Over the last decade, with 15+ AR and MR apps for a wide section of clients from publishers to manufacturers to retailers to automobile and engineering companies.

And with every single app, we have been able to enhance our expertise and provide better value to our clients.

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AR has an important role to play in creating new age digital experiences for readers. Our theory is that the digital experience of a book, should not be an exact replica of the print book. Publishers need to prepare digital content as an incentive for the reader. There needs to be a reward for downloading the digital experience as compared to the print book. This presentation shares 9 ideas on how AR can be integrated in children books. These Augmented Reality books can have direct impact on sales revenues


Augmenting a New Life To Books!

Our Mission

To introduce readers and publishers to interactivity levels never witnessed before.

Our mission is to take content and augment it to different mediums that make print reading more entertaining and knowledgeable. It’s about creating unique and exhilarating experiences for readers!

Our Expertise

Using the power of AR, clean design and high-level coding, we can now take existing print content and add multiple layers of 2D, 3D and gaming experiences.

Our team is well versed in 3D & 2D content development, Unity game design and programming, AR Programming.

How We Do It!

Our teams are experts in developing content and deploying mobile and desktop apps for AR. We work with all types of Augmented Reality engines and SDKs including  Wikitude, Vuforia, Unity, Total Immersion, Ar Labs etc. and are also well versed in using Kinects. Leap motion, Occulus, etc.

Handcrafted Storytelling

This video is an Augmented Reality implementation of the Little Iti book. Little ITI travels the globe in her dreams and visits animals from different places. Using Augmented Reality we have enhanced the reading experience for kids by recreating the scenes in 3d. A fun and interactive experience for kids.

Handycrafted Storytelling using Augmented Reality

Color Me – AR Coloring Book

Augmented reality for Color Book Publishing - Reality Premedia

The Color Me app demo is a fun and innovative idea that brings coloring books to life using Augmented Reality. This demo is a culmination of our love for Minions and Augmented Reality. Children can add any colors to the minion drawings. Once they are done with the coloring, parents can download the app and scan the image to view the creations in 3d in the children’s colors! A perfect reward for children and an excellent use-case for integrating Augmented Reality in children books.

Make optimum use of Industrial AR and realize the goal of sustainable improvement in the efficiency and productivity of the workforce. Create a happy lot of satisfied customers with stepwise-guided instructions that work in real time.

Augmented Reality for Manufacturing: Bridge the Reality-Digital Gap
Automation and analytics are making way for induction of progressive changes in operations with a primal focus on manufacturing. Human processes are now being transformed with Augmented Reality. It is facilitating a much-needed acceleration in the development of skills along with empowering guidance. AR is capable of driving benefit for manufacturers through cost reduction, optimizing efficiency, and unveiling new business values.

Drive Innovation through Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality Applications in Manufacturing Industries can help you to connect stakeholders at physical and digital worlds. We can help you to bring about productive changes in product-service offerings and operations that will transform your business. Reality Premedia Services has established itself as one of the stalwarts in Industrial Augmented Reality. We have achieved this feat through cutting-edge technology of computer visioning, seamless capabilities in tracking, state-of-the-art platform support.

Our experts will be more than happy to help you in the evaluation of potential Manufacturing AR Solutions, Pricing details, and Product trials. Augmented Reality is a proven way to infuse value in your business. Industrial use cases can be a good starting point that can help you with faster ROI, ease of adoption, and stay ahead in the competition.

Market your Properties using Augmented Reality Applications

If you are in a Real Estate Business, you must be familiar with the common problems like struggling to explain the property, facing difficulties to show around the properties to buyers. This is because real estate business requires deep satisfaction of clients. Buying of a property has always been a challenging task in real estate. One has to foresee a lot factors for choosing right property. Be it bungalows, flats, hotels, resorts choosing right street or place for the one requires a lot of points to be checked upon like the location, view, interiors etc.

Augmented Reality provides great value at the early stages of a construction project, to the final selling and marketing tools when selling a property. Come out with new ways to engage and connect with its digital-savvy target audience. Now let your buyer know the real size of floor, open/constructed area and let them have the convenience of viewing and experiencing the property in 3D. Get an AR app for your properties.

Showrooms Simplified
Home decor is a dream for every individual and everyone wants his dwelling to be beautifully decorated. Furniture is the keyword in home decor as it’s the major part every individual has to deal with. Choosing the right furniture for a house is too much of task as one has to deal with each and every detail like color which should compliment with the walls, size as the product should get fitted properly, how the final look will be when actually placed in rooms etc. A customer has to anticipate about each and every accessory which is actually very confusing, but not anymore.

Augmented Reality for Interior- Reality Premedia
Furniture Augmented Reality - Reality Premedia

The concept of augmented reality has now entered into the decor and furniture space which is enabling everyone to have a much clear understanding of products, without even watching them in reality. Augmented Reality Application for mobile phones and tablet PCs is a kind of technology which enhances a 2D image by converting it into the 3-dimensional model. 3D views help in convincing buyers about the furniture structure and help in increasing sales. The AR catalogue can be more attractive and convincing as compared to any 2D catalogues.



Customers visualise your products in their homes in 3D in real time and real dimensions.


Customers can interact with the products across different parts of their homes.

App Analytics

Track shopping cart conversions, demographics and a host of customer insights.

Cross - Platform

Reach a wider audience with AR apps that work across Android and iOS devices.

TryARing “Virtual Try On Jewelry App”

Before people can make a decision to buy antique and expensive jewellery online, they will like to see how will it look on them and whether it will suit them? Virtually trying the jewellery on oneself gives the user the confidence to buy & the return rates are reduced. People spend a lot of time researching online before they make a decision to head to a store or buy a product online.

Augmented Reality In Jewelry - Reality Premedia

We came up with a solution- a white Labelled mobile or a web application (whatever is your requirement) wherein users can see your entire collection of rings. They can customise the rings to change the metal, diamond size, shape , carat , setting etc. And then they can try this exquisite piece on their fingers; while staying within the comforts of their homes. The user simply has to click a picture of his / her hand & then upload it to the app to try various rings. Once they have finalised the ring, the users can simply proceed and buy the same within the app or through your website. The app has full support for iOS as well as Android.


Explore the Options

Customers can see the entire range of rings available.

Easy Customization

Customize size, shape and karat of the diamond.

Easy to Use

Take a picture of his/her hand and begin exploring.

Virtual Try On

Visualize the ring virtually on your hand before buying.

By offering this Virtual Try on Jewelry Software; one can radically change the customer behavior towards online jewelry shopping. This will add a completely new dimension to the way people have been shopping for jewelry at online stores so far. This try on jewelry app is definitely buzzing in the market owing to the kind of novelty that it brings.

Portfolio Samples

How TryARing “Virtual Try On” app can help Jewelry Business?

If you take a thorough look at the jewelry market, you will find that it is a $300 billion industry and the scope for online sales is shooting the sky. With so many others products seeing great sales online, the jewelry market to is feeling the need to make a shift.

However, jewelry being so expensive can be a hard thing to be successful in the ecommerce front. It is with apps like this that jewelers can gain the confidence of people and they will be able to give them the right base to proceed towards placing the order. Augmented Reality Jewelry Shopping has the potential to become the thing of tomorrow.

As the count of mobile users is increasing by the day, more and more people are getting hooked to the virtual world. The time to go out to the stores and to buy something is getting reduced. Everyone wants to multitask and the option of Virtually Trying a Ring and even buying it, all from the confines of your home or office is definitely appealing. By offering something radical, dynamic and new, you will be able to make the cut and become the undisputed leader when it comes to Online Jewelry Selling.

Try our Live Jewelry Virtual Try on App Solutions for Rings.






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