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AR for Real Estate

Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) are immersive technologies that allow app users to visualize content in a personalized context. Extremely useful in areas like retail, manufacturing, training, maintenance, these technologies are helping organisations across the world in many ways.

Making an online purchase can be made so much simpler with a virtual try on. Or imagine explaining concepts in an immersive and engaging environment. Or showcasing product features in a way that is both interactive and simple to use.

At Reality, we have been able to keep pace with and understand these technologies and their applications. Over the last decade, with 15+ AR and MR apps for a wide section of clients from publishers to manufacturers to retailers to automobile and engineering companies.

And with every single app, we have been able to enhance our expertise and provide better value to our clients.

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Market your Properties using Augmented Reality Applications

If you are in a Real Estate Business, you must be familiar with the common problems like struggling to explain the property, facing difficulties to show around the properties to buyers. Augmented Reality in Real Estate Marketing adds engaging value for customers. This is because real estate business requires deep satisfaction of clients. Buying of a property has always been a challenging task in real estate. One has to foresee a lot of factors for choosing right property. Be it bungalows, flats, hotels, resorts choosing the right street or place for the one requires a lot of points to be checked upon like the location, view, interiors etc. An Augmented Reality App for Real Estate is a best solution to give this information to your customers.

Augmented Reality in Real Estate provides great value at the early stages of a construction project, to the final selling and marketing tools when selling a property. Come out with new ways to engage and connect with its digital-savvy target audience. Now let your buyer know the real size of the floor, open/constructed area and let them have the convenience of viewing and experiencing the property in 3D. Get an AR app for your properties.


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    AR for Real estate