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AR for Publishers

Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) are immersive technologies that allow app users to visualize content in a personalized context. Extremely useful in areas like retail, manufacturing, training, maintenance, these technologies are helping organisations across the world in many ways.

Making an online purchase can be made so much simpler with a virtual try on. Or imagine explaining concepts in an immersive and engaging environment. Or showcasing product features in a way that is both interactive and simple to use.

At Reality, we have been able to keep pace with and understand these technologies and their applications. Over the last decade, with 15+ AR and MR apps for a wide section of clients from publishers to manufacturers to retailers to automobile and engineering companies.

And with every single app, we have been able to enhance our expertise and provide better value to our clients.

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Augmented Reality has an important role to play in creating new age digital experiences for readers. Our theory is that the digital experience of a book, should not be an exact replica of the print book. Publishers need to prepare digital content as an incentive for the reader. There needs to be a reward for downloading the digital experience as compared to the print book. We provide Augmented Reality for publishers who are looking at AR in books, AR in colouring books, AR in comic books etc. This presentation shares 9 ideas on how AR can be integrated in children books. These Augmented Reality books can have direct impact on sales revenues


Augmenting a New Life To Books!

Our Mission

To introduce readers and publishers to interactivity levels never witnessed before.

Our mission is to take content and augment it to different mediums that make print reading more entertaining and knowledgeable. It’s about creating unique and exhilarating experiences for readers!

Our Expertise

Using the power of AR, clean design and high-level coding, we can now take existing print content and add multiple layers of 2D, 3D and gaming experiences.

Our team is well versed in 3D & 2D content development, Unity game design and programming, AR Programming.

How We Do It!

Our teams are experts in developing content and deploying mobile and desktop apps for AR. We work with all types of Augmented Reality engines and SDKs including  Wikitude, Vuforia, Unity, Total Immersion, Ar Labs etc. and are also well versed in using Kinects. Leap motion, Occulus, etc.

Handcrafted Storytelling

This video is an Augmented Reality implementation of the Little Iti book. Little ITI travels the globe in her dreams and visits animals from different places. Using Augmented Reality we have enhanced the reading experience for kids by recreating the scenes in 3d. A fun and interactive experience for kids.

Handycrafted Storytelling using Augmented Reality

Color Me – AR Coloring Book

Augmented reality for Color Book Publishing - Reality Premedia

The Color Me app demo is a fun and innovative idea that brings coloring books to life using Augmented Reality. This demo is a culmination of our love for Minions and Augmented Reality. Children can add any colors to the minion drawings. Once they are done with the coloring, parents can download the app and scan the image to view the creations in 3d in the children’s colors! A perfect reward for children and an excellent use-case for integrating Augmented Reality in children books.


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