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Our App Development expertise

Our expertise in technology has always allowed us to ride the wave on new trends right from enterprise solutions to immersive technologies and cutting edge emerging technologies. A strong technology team, learning opportunities, working with agile processes ensure that when it comes to technology, your business will match its dynamic pace. With multiple technology projects delivered successfully, and also some technology products added to our portfolio, you can be assured when it comes to technology,your porject is in good hands.

  • Web App Development

  • Mobile App Development

  • EPIServer Development

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  • Cloud Computing

We believe in developing applications that advance our clients’ digital strategies. We work with clients to build highly customized web applications and to shift their development practices to Agile. Our Application Development services include Architecture & Design, Development, Performance Engineering, and Maintenance & Production Support. Our skilled developers are always dedicated to deliver your tailor made custom web application to meet your business needs. Spectrum of our web application development services spans from eCommerce to CMS based development to B2B, B2C, Intranet and Enterprise applications. Our diverse technology stack includes ASP.NET, VB.NET, C# & MVC for our backend and we rely on React JS, AngularJS, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS/SASS and PHP for our frontend. We also help our clients migrate their traditional software solutions to the cloud.

We develop mobile applications for your platform of choice. Be it Android, the world’s most popular operating system or the more consolidated iOS, Our mobile application development takes care of all platform specific nitty-gritties from user interaction and interface design to development of various features and functionalities to deploying the application for app stores. We also develop cross-platform applications to run smoothly on all target operating systems. Our skilled, platform specific developers will design applications that will look and work the same on multiple platforms. And lastly we are equally competent in developing hybrid apps that will adjust to every operating system on-the-fly.

Our teams’ creative abilities helps you implement newer ways of solving the business problems with design and prototyping capabilities before we go for full-fledged development. This approach reduces time and cost during development and enables you target higher app downloads and customer retention rate after your app goes live.

Our team has experience in successfully developing more than 50 mobile applications. This was facilitated by our mobile app testing specialists with physical devices spanning different operating system versions, display resolutions and hardware configurations.

Episerver, a single solution that helps brands shift from transaction based commerce to experience driven Commerce while building unique digital journeys across various channels including content management, marketing and commerce.

Episerver Digital Commerce, fueled by the Microsoft technology stack, has become a platform of choice for many medium and large enterprises to drive their buyer’s digital buying journey. EPiServer’s built-in content and marketing capabilities not only allow businesses to build engaging experiences but it also helps them manage, convert and measure everything from a single platform. EPiServer’s robust foundation offers scalable, reliable and high performing infrastructure with minimal operational overheads.

Our team of Episerver developers become a strategic partner in your business solutions and work with you to develop, deploy and maintain EPiServer applications that create unique digital journeys that meet various business’ needs. We have successfully worked on many EPiServer solutions and have experienced resources skilled to handle web content management, digital commerce, and
digital marketing. We have implemented Episerver solutions for different industries and platforms including integration with mobile apps.

We work in various models right from traditional onshore/offshore, to staff augmentation to outcome based engagement. We act not only as a service provider but we work as your strategic partner and your consultant enabling you bring measurable outcomes for your business needs.

The Internet of Things (IoT), is not limited to specific business domains or verticals anymore. IoT has now become part of all aspects of human life through technological integration between various hardware sensors and web as well as mobile applications.

We help our clients use the full potential of the Internet of Things and offer a wide range of IoT development services for any vertical or domain. Be it healthcare, manufacturing, automobile, retail or home automation – IoT is everywhere. Combination of our skills in web development, mobile development, cloud computing and integrating the same with IoT sensors has enabled us develop custom solutions for our global clients to meet their business needs and their end users requirements.

Whether it is web apps, mobile apps, desktop apps, or an IoT solution; whether it is an in-house solution or enterprise application everything needs testing and quality assurance to save time and cost while you take your solution to your target end user. Solutions built by our team or developed by 3rd parties need to be tested to ensure it is bug free and functions end-to-end as expected.

Your mobile app, native or cross platform, needs to function equally well in all combinations of mobile devices and operating systems. It needs to meet your end user interface needs and take care of your user’s usability experience. At the same time, your web systems need to be fast, secured and capable of handling the traffic surges. Your mobile app and web systems may be integrated and these integration points need to be stable and scalable. Each of these have unique testing needs and cannot be tested in one-solution-fits-all manner.

This is what we are good at. Our testing approach is driven by what business problem is being solved, end user persona, target platforms, expected load, security, robustness and more. Our end user focused testing approach sets us unique and helps you deliver solutions that perform well, deliver performance, drastically reduce testing costs and achieve better ROI.

Types of Testing we cover are – Functional Testing, Load / Stress Testing, Smoke Test, Integration Testing, Regression, Scalability Testing, Security/Penetration Testing, Sanity Testing, Unit Testing, Performance Testing, Mobile and Cross-Browser Testing and Compatibility Testing. Our team of testers is also skilled in Database Testing, API Testing, Data Integrity and Integration Testing.

We have worked with clients from various industry verticals – IT Development, Entertainment, Media, Telecom, Manufacturing, Education, Publishing, Marketing Services, and more. The team has familiarity with industry standard QA tools like Azure DevOps, HPLM, JIRA, TFS, Bugzilla, YouTrack, Calabash, jUnit, nUnit and equivalents. While testing is integral part of our development team, we offer this as a dedicated service as well.

The Internet and Digital world of business today revolves around SMAC – Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud Computing. SMAC empowers enterprises to transform their businesses while reducing time-to-market, get scalability and reliability, move away from on-premise infrastructure, pay-per-use, reduced operational cost and improved ROI. One of the important ingredients of this is Cloud Computing, a process of deploying scalable, expandable, elastic self-serviced software solutions using internet technologies. Cloud Computing has not only helped enterprises move their solutions to the cloud, it enabled transforming these solutions to be Cloud Native.

We work with clients to enhance, restructure, migrate, and develop architectures to support their business initiatives. Our service offerings in Cloud Computing covers developing and maintaining custom-fit solutions. Our team is qually conversant with IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SasS (Software as a Service). We have developed and deployed multiple Cloud Native solutions that are completely elastic meeting fluctuating peaks and are always-available. Our cloud services helps optimize, manage and scale allowing you to manage from anywhere, anytime, any device. We help control costs and lower initial investments. We work with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, IOT Development and Google Cloud Platform.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) are immersive technologies that allow app users to visualize content in a personalized context. Extremely useful in areas like retail, manufacturing, training, maintenance, these technologies are helping organisations across the world in many ways.

Making an online purchase can be made so much simpler with a virtual try on. Or imagine explaining concepts in an immersive and engaging environment. Or showcasing product features in a way that is both interactive and simple to use.

At Reality, we have been able to keep pace with and understand these technologies and their applications. Over the last decade, with 15+ AR and MR apps for a wide section of clients from publishers to manufacturers to retailers to automobile and engineering companies.

And with every single app, we have been able to enhance our expertise and provide better value to our clients.


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