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Through this app, you will get a glimpse of how the Artist views the world through a collection of 70+ of his paintings. The app has the artist’s commentary on each painting and also an audio narration in his voice. The paintings you are about to see are not decorative. They try to depict the real world around us.

About the artist

C. K. Purandare comes from India‚ lives in Britain. He is educated as a metallurgical engineer and a sociologist. He is on the editorial board of the International Development Education Association of Scotland.His writings include, Ongoing columns ⁄ articles on social issues in various Indian and European journals. Some of his research in India is on
Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes 1995
Insurgency in North–East India 1988
Ultra–leftist Naxalite movement 1977

He turned to painting in Nov 2001 without any formal training.
Since 2002 his paintings have been displayed in Glasgow‚ Dundee‚ Aberdeen‚ Perth‚ Pune (India) and Edinburgh International Festival. His artwork continues to be widely used by the Open University‚ UK‚ Scottish Development Education publications and a number of Indian journals.

Artist Statement

The paintings you are about to see are not decorative. They try to depict the real world around us.

Attempt is mainly to document collective miseries of peoples and investigate social pathology behind the misery. The dominant political discourse today is dictated by the state‚ market and media – none bothered about the weak.

The alternative to this discourse seems to drift towards being self – obsessed – hedonist‚ reclusive or esoteric. So there is a need to reiterate that hunger‚ poverty and violence still afflict a vast majority of humans in the world.

The paintings endeavour to state this problem. They will have served their purpose if they make you pause and think.

The artist welcomes your feed–back on his work at the following e–mail address..

Email – artnondeco@yahoo.co.uk
Website – www.art-non-deco.com

Some of the comments on the work

“You are someone who reminds us with talent that our world is not always a fairytale.” – HG‚ France

“Very impressive work! You are passionate about what you do. You have a voice and you’re not afraid to use it. Your work provokes thought and emotion. I personally related to some of the pieces‚ while others gave me a fresh perspective of the world.” – JC‚ USA

“I am very happy to have discovered you and your work. Your art is such that it makes one think very hard about the world one lives in; especially that part of the world less travelled by the privileged west. I appreciate your sensitivity and your vast talent of depicting difficult subjects in touching and sympathetic ways.” – DM‚ Canada

“I like that you do a lot of political work. It’s easier to ignore the news – in print‚ or recited dryly. But art makes it sink in more.”– MC‚ Ecuador